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Put your home in the competent hands of the leading industry professionals.

Make room in your hectic schedule with premium quality house cleaning in Louisville, KY

As one of the best cleaning services in Louisville, KY, we get calls on a daily basis from overstressed homeowners who are finding it virtually impossible to manage their busy lifestyles while keeping their home spick and span. This is why we like to give our customers regular house cleaning advice while simultaneously providing them with top of the range house cleaning services all across Louisville. This has helped us grow into the number one maid service in Louisville and beyond.

When you ask Super Cleaning Service Louisville to lend you a helping hand around the house, you are cutting your to-do list in half. Just take a look at our long list of Louisville house cleaning services from the highest-rated local cleaners designed to make your life infinitely easier. Our team will go the extra mile to clean your home with care and remarkable attention to detail.

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Why Choose Super Cleaning Service

Expert cleaners

Easy booking

Flat rates

Secure payment

Customized cleaning

Quality supplies

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Do not let house cleaning keep you away from the things you love in Louisville, KY

The day would have to last at least 25 hours for you to make time for everything, especially the peskiest of all the chores: house cleaning. So why not let the finest local cleaning experts take over so you can finally find the time for the finer things in life?

Take a road trip to see the majestic Falls of the Ohio or stay at home and binge-watch your favorite show. Get together with friends and family or enjoy peace and quiet in the comfort of home. The possibilities are endless when you have enough time to spare at long last.

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100% Satisfaction guarantee

All our cleaners are fully vetted, immensely skilled professionals who can make your home look absolutely spotless and put a smile on your face. But what happens if you are not entirely happy with any aspect of the service? Do not hesitate to give us a call right away. We will take the necessary steps to resolve the complaint, and we’ll send a trusted professional to perform a detailed re-clean of the area in question within 5 days’ time, no questions asked. We go above and beyond to put a smile on your face!

what our clients say about us

I hate to clean. For the first time I decided to have someone do it for me. I was getting my house appraised and Shelby came over to do a deep clean. She did a fantastic job! My house has never looked so good! In fact, before she was even done, I contacted the company and set up to have them come out every 2 weeks. I strongly recommend this company!

- Jennifer S.

She was on time and the place looked great!! Very happy with the experience 🙂 paid extra for the fridge to be cleaned and was worth every penny. Will use again in the future.

- Ashley R.

I’m so glad I reached out to them for a deep clean. The ladies really took a lot of time and care to make sure they got everything as clean as possible, and I really appreciate that! Not many things beat the feeling of having a clean home.

- Nitya V.

Let me tell you. If you are looking for a reliable professional company THIS is the place. My father’s assistant quit and I had hired a maid service and they overbooked. I was in a panic and found Super Cleaning Service. They were able to fit my father in today when I called them this morning. The person they sent was AMAZING. She was so professional, courteous and her cleaning skills were top notch. My father even called me after to marvel on how well she did. So seriously if you are looking for a company that KNOWS how to clean call them NOW!!

- Yolanda S

I booked a deep clean of our new home upon move-in and was beyond pleased with the results. The team was very professional, arrived promptly within the stated window (with advanced notice of arrival), and did an extremely thorough job. Would highly recommend and will be booking again for regular service.

- Cody J

I was having a hard time finding a good cleaner in Louisville and FINALLY FOUND THEM! They did an amazing job and will be recommending them to everyone I know and using them monthly!!

- Alison H

Kacie and Leshawn were our cleaners, trust me when I say this … unbelievable job, on time, met every need, We have tried 2 other companies before this one, we were very dissatisfied! Thank you Kacie and Leshawn and super clean, our house looks new again, couldn’t be more satisfied!

- Scott F

SuperCleaning did a great job of deep cleaning my home. They left it spotless and smelling great. I’ve used a few other companies but this is the best house cleaning service in Louisville I have come across.

- Dan E

Natalie and her crew are amazing. 3 is definitely better than one. They were punctual, quiet, thorough and efficient.

- Jennifer P

How to keep a house clean before the cleaners are due

With genuine cleaning professionals on your side, you can use your time in a rational way.

There are many cleaning services in Louisville, KY who have the expertise to cope with just about any mess they come across in a home. As probably the most popular maid service in Louisville, we are in the perfect position to give our customers expert advice.

Of course, it does need a small amount of dedication to keep the house spick and span in between visits from Super Cleaning Service Louisville. However, with just a few tiny changes to your current routine, you can pull it off!

Alter the way you think

The way you perceive cleaning plays a massive role in the way your home looks. If you’re a person who generally delays doing things until later in the day or tomorrow, changing your mind-set will help you achieve fantastic results. A handy trick is to simply pick up after yourself and never let things pile up. Should you not do this, tidying becomes a tiring and difficult process.

Be proactive rather than reactive

Own the cleaning responsibilities and don’t leave it to the person who follows to clean something that you could handle by yourself. What’s more, not everyone in the household will be as passionate about cleaning as you are or willing to deal with it. Try to slowly encourage others to take part by sending them subtle reminders of their role in keeping the house clean.

Find a cleaning system that works for you

Everyone has their own way of cleaning the house and it isn’t always necessary to use the same techniques as everyone else. Keep in mind that it is far simpler to keep up with daily chores if you set aside a portion of time every day to get things. Remember that something as small as 20 minutes of cleaning won’t affect your day too much.

Contact Louisville, Kentucky’s first-class cleaning team

You have found the very best house cleaning service in Louisville so look no further. Super Cleaning Service Louisville has the experience and the expertise to give you a spotless home at competitive rates. We our proud to be able to provide all our customers with excellent value for money. Schedule your clean online or call us today to put us in charge of all your cleaning needs. The best part is that you can count on us throughout Louisville area!

  • Free up your time with expert house cleaning in St Matthews, KY

How you think about cleaning plays a vital role in deciding whether your home stays clean or dirty. It is true that sometimes a task can look like too much of a take on, but the truth is that keeping a house clean isn’t that difficult. It’s all about starting with a clean slate. A squeaky clean slate, that is.

As the number one choice for house cleaning services in St Matthews, KY, we can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home without slaving away doing chores all the time. Our crew will make sure to leave your home looking absolutely spotless so you can keep it neat and tidy with light cleaning until the next visit from you favorite cleaners.

We have a reputation to uphold and high expectations to live up to. With us, you can expect nothing but unwavering professionalism and consistent quality from the moment you schedule our service for the very first time to the very end. Our outstanding customer service is like a cherry on top: we will keep you up to date to ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

  • Take a pick from the long list of house cleaning services in Prospect, KY

We believe that each client deserves to have a cleaning package tailored specifically to their home and their needs. No two homes are alike and neither are any two clients. Some have kids, others have pets, and then there are those who have both. Some homeowners are simply strapped for time, while others have enormous houses that simply take too long to clean.

A one and the same package cannot possibly be the ideal solution for everyone. But Super Cleaning Service Louisville has the answer: taking a fully customized approach to cleaning your home. Just imagine the instant relief of booking house cleaning services in Prospect KY and drastically reducing your workload in a flash.

We have made the process extremely simple. Once you schedule your cleaning appointment, we’ll get to work and work out the optimal cleaning plan for your home and make recommendations in terms of the ideal service frequency. Add to that our flat, transparent pricing and our absolute satisfaction guarantee and you get the all-in-one cleaning package you have always wanted. We are here to make your life easier!

  • Premium quality house cleaning in Fern Creek, KY

House cleaning services in Fern Creek KY have never been more in demand. The formula is simple: expert cleaners who know the ins and outs of effective house cleaning, quality cleaning supplies, and customer service that you cannot but love. We take the time to get to know you and your home and understand what your preferences are without wasting a moment of your time.

Our cleaners are unrivaled professionals in the cleaning business who have the experience and the expertise to transform your home into the epitome of cleanliness in the shortest amount of time. They also go through a detailed vetting process before joining our team, so you can feel confident that you are dealing with individuals you can trust to the fullest.

When you reach out to us to handle your cleaning, you can feel confident we will not leave anything to chance. Having been in the business for a long time, we have had a long and successful track record that is nothing short of impressive. This allows us to deliver spectacular results and build a large base of satisfied loyal clients.

  • Top-notch house cleaning services in Anchorage, KY

If you conducted a poll in Anchorage, you would soon discover that Super Cleaning Service in Louisville is the number one choice for house cleaning in Anchorage, KY. We give our clients cost-effective solutions for the cleaning of their homes, flat, transparent prices, and superior quality of service. With our number on your speed dial, you can schedule an appointment when it suits you best, then kick back and relax.

All the cleaners on our team are unrivaled professionals in the field, always ready to get to work with ferocious passion and dedication. Here at Super Cleaning Service Louisville, we go all out to handpick only the best cleaners in the area: experienced experts who share our commitment for achieving extraordinary results in the shortest amount of time.

Aside from using effective strategies, being time-efficient and punctual, our cleaners are understanding and approachable. You can tell them if you have any special requests or preferences and they’ll do their best to deliver the service accordingly. You can be certain of one thing: once you meet our crew, you will never think about cleaning the same way again!

  • Pro house cleaning in Jeffersontown: like a breath of fresh air

It’s time to make sweeping changes in your daily routine, so why not start by delegating everyone’s least favorite chores to the best crew around? Nothing says fresh like a pleasantly scented home that has just been thoroughly cleaned from floor to ceiling. By using quality cleaning supplies and tailoring the approach to you and your home, we ensure that nothing falls through the cracks!

But the most important perk of booking an appointment with Super Cleaning Service Louisville is the amazing team. You will get to see the spectacular results which the industry’s real professionals can pull off and the difference this can make in your home. Our Jeffersontown cleaners are second to none. Aside from being passionate and dedicated, they are also efficient and punctual. From your very first appointment, they’ll go above and beyond to tend to your home to the best of their abilities.

Reach out to us to book your house cleaning services in Jefferson today and prepare to be swept off your feet. Go ahead and start planning what you’ll do in your extra free time!