From Clutter to Kindness: Where to Donate in Middletown, Kentucky

Aug / 31 / 2023

The magic of decluttering isn’t just about revealing extra space in your home but it’s also about providing you with an opportunity for kindness and generosity within your circle. Donating your decluttered items makes letting go of stuff you no longer need or love easier because you know it will have a new and more meaningful purpose rather than wasting away, collecting dust in storage, or ending up in landfills.  Luckily, there are several spots within driving distance where you can donate in Middletown after decluttering. Read on!

1. Dress for Success Louisville

If you’re a working professional who has accumulated corporate attire over the years that you’re ready to declutter, Dress for Success Louisville accepts clothing donations for their initiative to empower women through power dressing and personality development to boost their self-confidence and pave the way for them to land a job, advance their careers, and achieve economic independence.

You can donate business wear for women, including suits, dresses, blazers, skirts, pants, cardigans, dress shirts, blouses, scrubs, shoes, bags, accessories, and new makeup and toiletries. Before dropping off your donations every 3rd Saturday of the month, make sure that they are ready to wear, which means:


  • New or almost new — only purchased in the last five years
  • No holes, rips, stains, and other visible damages
  • Properly laundered and dry-cleaned
  • Placed neatly on hangers (boxed or bagged items will not be accepted)

They do not accept men’s and children’s clothing, party clothes, used makeup or toiletries, used undergarments, and household items.

2. Maryhurst Louisville

Maryhurst is a nonprofit organization that helps and takes in child abuse victims in their residential facility. When children enter their care, they usually arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs. To better provide for the kids and ease the stress and anxiety of transitioning, they welcome a wide range of donations, including:


  • New and old clothes and shoes – such as shirts, pants, pajamas, socks, and shoes in different sizes
  • Pillows, comforters, and bedding
  • Personal care and hygiene items for girls and boys 
  • Sensory items – like kinetic sand, weighted blankets and vests, fidget toys, therapy putty, and body socks
  • Kids and teenage-appropriate books and magazines
  • Arts and crafts materials, such as watercolors, canvas, oil and acrylic paints, brushes, crayons, markers, construction papers, and sketchbooks

On the contrary, they may refuse donations in aerosol or glass packaging for safety concerns.

3. Salvation Army Louisville 

The Salvation Army is a staple when talking about nonprofits where to donate in Middletown, KY that deserve your support, whether financial, time, or donations. Aside from providing shelters for the homeless community, they also serve up to 400 hot meals daily at the Red Kettle Café and deliver food boxes to nearly 7,000 households yearly from their pantry. They encourage everyone who wants to donate to consider giving items they replenish regularly, such as:


  • Canned and non-perishable food items — perfect if you’re decluttering your pantry
  • New and gently used sheets, blankets, towels, and toiletries

Tips for Donating Intentionally 

  • Clean and Prepare: Always clean and prepare items before donating. Wash clothes, wipe down furniture or household items, and triple-check that each item is in good, usable condition.
  • Stay Updated: Donation needs can change seasonally or based on current events. Check-in with organizations to see what they need most.
  • Financial Donations: If you can’t donate items, consider giving monetary donations. Thanks to bulk purchasing power and partnerships, many organizations can stretch cash further than we can as individuals.


As you embark on your decluttering journey, remember that each item you set aside can profoundly impact someone’s life. Repurposing your clutter into an avenue for kindness is more than a gesture; it also speaks a lot about who you truly are and where your heart is. 

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