The Most Common Areas People Forget to Clean At Home 

Oct / 06 / 2022

Do you have a home cleaning checklist? Most people tend to focus their cleaning efforts on the most visible and frequently used areas at home, which totally makes sense. For instance, you probably clean the dining table regularly compared to the kitchen drawers you only deal with during spring cleaning.

No matter how strict you may be at following your cleaning routine, it’s still possible to have some neglected areas around the house. So we asked our best house cleaning experts in Louisville about the most common places people forget to clean. Do you have them on your home cleaning checklist? Read on to find out. 

Living and Dining

clean kitchen and dining

  • Light fixtures
  • Ceiling fans
  • Lamp shades 
  • Couch — Vacuum to collect crumbs. Do this more frequently if you’ve got a pet who sheds. 
  • Walls — Wash discolored or stinky walls with a soft sponge soaked in a bucket of warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Remove scuff marks on walls with a melamine sponge. 
  • Baseboards 
  • Door knobs and handles
  • Light switch plates
  • Air filter and vents
  • Picture frames and wall displays
  • Staircase railing banisters 


  • Cabinet walls and doors
  • Oven rangehood — It’s usually loaded with grease and dust. Wipe with thick paper towels or rags with anti-grease dish soap. Spray with a cleaner spray and then wipe again with paper towels until there’s no residue left.
  • The floor under kitchen appliances — A must-have in every homeowner’s cleaning checklist, these areas don’t see the light of day so prepare to be horrified to see what’s underneath.
  • Splashbacks and the grout in between 
  • The space between your stove oven and kitchen counter 
  • Kettle and coffee maker — These guys need some serious deep cleaning to remove limescale and mineral deposits. Boil water with a cup of vinegar. 
  • Drawers — Declutter, declutter, declutter!

Bedroom and Bathroom 

  • Mattress — Vacuum to remove deep-seated dirt, dandruff, or pet dander.  
  • Under the bed — Vacuum!
  • The floor under the closet — Vacuum and mop
  • Shower curtains – Throw them in the washing machine with a bit of vinegar. 
  • Shower head – Descale with a vinegar soak. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wrap your shower head in it for at least an hour. Run hot water to flush out mineral deposits after.
  • Bath mats and rugs – Throw them in the washer. 

Outdoor spaces 

  • Patio furniture 
  • Outdoor light fixtures
  • Deck and balcony 
  • Garden shed 

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