25 Things to Do in Louisville, Kentucky, While Getting Your Home Cleaned

Oct / 31 / 2022

Louisville is perhaps one of the largest and loveliest cities in Kentucky. No wonder it’s a popular day trip destination for people from nearby areas like Lexington, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, or Bloomington.

Instead of wasting weekends cleaning your kitchen or doing everything you can to get rid of nasty pet odors, take a much-needed break and let our professional house cleaners take care of it. Enjoy a beautiful day out and explore the city’s best local attractions! Check out this list of fun-filled things to do while getting your home professionally cleaned in Louisville, KY.

List of Local Attractions and Activities 

  1. Go on a romantic night stroll and take a photo of the stunning skyline.
  2. Catch the magnificent sunrise at the walking bridge.
  3. Visit the Crescent Hill Reservoir Park, a gothic gatehouse built in 1987 and preserved as a historic landmark.
  4. Learn all about the history of baseball at the Slugger Museum.
  5. Take a hike and see the majestic Fairmont Waterfalls.
  6. Drop by the iconic Kentucky Derby Museum and discover more about a thoroughbred’s life and racing journey. 
  7. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a slice of paradise at Broad Run Park.
  8. See the Muhammad Ali Center. It’s a tribute to Louisville’s pride and world-famous boxing legend, which houses a theater, two art galleries, and a mock boxing ring for visitors to try.
  9. Check out the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum’s impressive period architecture and interior design.
  10. Take a deep dive into the exciting world of animals from Africa, Australia, and other parts of the world at the Louisville Zoo.
  11. Expose yourself to beautiful masterpieces at the Speed Art Museum, including Native American, European, American, and Contemporary.
  12. Book a night or two at 21C Louisville, an award-winning 91-room boutique hotel inside an actual art museum. 
  13. Challenge the intersectionalities between fine art and crafts, their materials, techniques, and polarities in appreciation at The Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft.
  14. Plan an adult-only day tasting bourbons at local distilleries at the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.
  15. Book a history and walking food tour and have a gastronomic adventure tasting Louisville and Kentucky’s culinary classics.
  16. Go spelunking at Mammoth Cave National Park, the longest recorded cave system in the world, a National Park, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  17. Take a scenic drive by Red River George. 
  18. Book a cabin in the woods at the Daniel Boone National Forest. 
  19. Fall in love with Old Louisville. Admire the Victorian homes and tree-lined streets of St. James Court, Belgravia Court, and Central Park.
  20. Bring your kids or channel your inner child at the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park.
  21. See live action on the race track at Churchill Downs.
  22. Scream your heart out and taking in breathtaking views of the forest canopies on a zip line ride at the Jefferson Memorial Forest.
  23. Have a charming weekend picnic at Cherokee Park.
  24. Indulge in a dreamy afternoon surrounded by flowers and butterflies at the Waterfront Botanical Gardens.
  25. Take a lunch or a dinner cruise aboard The Belle of Louisville, a historical 1914 steamboat traversing the Ohio River. 

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5 Fantastic Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Jun / 21 / 2022

Do you feel better coming home to a clean home than a messy, cluttered one? No surprises there. It’s because having a clean home comes with many health benefits that go beyond Instagram-worthy aesthetics.

Here are some excellent examples.

Minimizes allergy attacks 

Dust, mildew, molds, pollen, pollution, pet dander — so many things can trigger most allergy sufferers. But it’s incredibly frustrating to get an allergic reaction even when staying safe inside your home. Vacuuming regularly, mopping floors, changing linens, and replacing air filters reduce the risks of allergies, strengthen the immune system, and ensure a better quality of life. 

Lowers stress and anxiety levels

A clean and clutter-free home often means a clutter-free mind as well. Something is calming and inspiring about seeing a clean and clutter-free space. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, cleaning as physical activity and the result of having a tidy home is proven to have dramatic effects in reducing stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

Lessens diseases caused by germs, viruses, and bacteria 

Keeping your home sparkling clean and sanitized at all times is the most effective way to stop the spread of illnesses from a variety of sources, including:


  • Food-borne pathogens (E. coli, staph, and salmonella)
  • Outdoor shoes carrying germs and bacteria from public spaces it’s been to
  • Loved ones and visitors unloading viruses they got from other people they were exposed to

That’s why cleaning your home regularly is pivotal in ensuring you and your family are always happy and healthy.

Keeps pesky pests away

House pests, like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rodents, consider a dirty and messy home their favorite breeding ground. They feed on crumbs of food, nails, dust, and other gross stuff that you fail to clean on the floor, under the dark areas of beds and furniture, or in unkempt waste bins. Pests also spread disease-causing germs when they crawl onto your living spaces. Staying on top of your garbage situation by taking it out every night, sweeping floors, and disinfecting everything are some of the best cleaning strategies to safeguard your home against bugs.

Guarantees better sleep quality

child sleeping in a clean home

Sleep health is a critical pillar of your overall health. 

Some people confess to feeling anxious when they see piles of laundry or anything messy in their bedroom, making it more difficult for them to settle in and get to sleep. However, it’s easier for most people to sleep soundly at night when they know they don’t have household chores waiting to get done. This benefit can also be attributed to lower stress levels and allergy triggers, making falling asleep less challenging. 

Maintain a Healthy and Happy Home with Super Cleaning

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