Things A Professional Home Cleaner Does That You Probably Don’t 

Mar / 05 / 2023

Some people may think twice about booking a professional home cleaner with the notion that cleaning is something they do themselves. However, their experience and expert techniques make professional cleaners totally worth it. In this article, we share some things cleaning pros do that explain why they always do an outstanding job with the help of our friends at Maid on the Spot.

Use Professional-Grade Cleaning Products

Most professional home cleaners have access to specialized cleaning products unavailable to the general public. They may have their own cleaning concoctions or have tried-and-tested cleaning products for various stains, surfaces, or cleaning concerns they swear by from years of cleaning experience. They even know which cleaning products to use for getting rid of nasty pet odors at home.

Have the Right Cleaning Tools

Professional home cleaners have many cleaning tools and equipment, including specialized vacuums, steam cleaners, and high-powered pressure washers, and they know how and when to use them with the maximum benefit without damaging your stuff. Having the right tools can make a big difference in the quality and efficiency of home cleaning.

Follow a Cleaning Checklist

You can trust that professional housekeepers definitely know what they are doing. They typically follow a detailed cleaning checklist to ensure that every area of your home is thoroughly cleaned and that no areas are missed, giving you peace of mind knowing that your property has been cleaned to a high standard. We recommend reading: The Most Common Areas People Forget to Clean In Their Homes.

Knowledge of How to Clean Different Surfaces

Different furniture or home surfaces require different cleaning techniques and products. A professional home cleaner will know how to safely and effectively clean various surfaces, including hardwood floors, tile, countertops, carpets, and upholstery. Booking a professional cleaning service, for example, to clean your carpets, saves you from all the hassle and headache of expensive cleaning mistakes instead of attempting DIY cleaning hacks.

Experience Premium Home Cleaning in Louisville 

SuperCleaning Louisville offers top-notch house cleaning with exceptional professional cleaners who can accommodate your schedule and unique cleaning needs. Each of our cleaning partners is experienced and carefully screened through strict background checks for your peace of mind. Our home cleaning services include:

  • One-time or regularly scheduled residential cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning  
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning 

See what makes our cleaning professionals a cut above the rest. Book a clean in Louisville today!